Photos by Bill Bloggs

In a Flash

A short film by Sophie Austin and Houda Echouafni

Sophie Austin
Director of Photography
Lynda Hall
Heppie Collins
Isa Suarez

Produced by Houda Echouafni and Fouad Challa

Executive Produce – Sam Elsokari

The Girl is played by Serene Elsokari

The Mother is played by Jess Stephens

A girl is out shopping with her mother in a small Moroccan market town.
She is bored and sits waiting at yet another stall.
Suddenly a cat appears and the girl follows it.

Like Alice down the rabbit hole, she discovers a strange and curious world.

Filmed in the magical Moroccan city of Fez,
In a Flash celebrates freedom and curiosity.

Thanks to the beautiful Riad Idrissy, Palais Mokri and the wonderful people of Fez.