Photos by Bill Bloggs

Turning Ten

Lamia and her husband await their turn in the clinic for their young daughter to be circumcised. The 10 minute wait leads Lamia to recall her own experience and question if she can change the fate of her daughter.

Written and Directed by Jaylan Auf

Cast includes:
Sara Abdulrahman, Sedky Sakhr, Mariam Tamer

A young couple sit with their almost-ten year old daughter, anxiously but determinedly awaiting their turn with the doctor. Sounds mark the strained passage of time — a whirring fan, the ticking clock, the nurse’s nutshells landing on the desk. Increasingly tense, the father succumbs to his fears and slips out just as another ten year old girl arrives for her appointment. The two groups of women wait together as the mother now has to face the moment alone—reliving her own personal memories of the same experience with grave apprehension. Is there a chance to change the course of tradition?