Photos by Bill Bloggs

Just Gone

A short film

By Houda Echouafni

Directed by Sophie Austin
Cinematography by Lynda Hall


Stella Gonet

Said Bey

Houda Echouafni

Executive Producer – Sam Elsokari

A mother searches for her missing son and discovers a terrible secret haunting the hills

Just Gone is a contemporary ghost story that explores the pain and loneliness of a mother who has lost her only child.

Set in Morocco, Just Gone follows the character of Susan, a British woman travelling alone. Who she is or what she is looking for is not clear, but as her journey takes her further into the Moroccan hills her mission is slowly revealed.

In a guest house in the middle of nowhere Susan seeks the reasons behind her son’s disappearance. She is faced with the steely silence of Fatima, the guest house owner. Only Hiba, Fatima’s daughter is willing to help, but the truth that is revealed rocks the very foundations of Susan’s world.

This unnerving tale is inspired by the Moroccan legend of Aisha Kandisha, in which Aisha, a half woman, half goat enacts a terrible vengeance on men who abuse women.